SMART Concept

SMART is the world’s most innovative initiative designed to jump start the advancement of rural communities by connecting them to global best practices in education, health, arts and sciences, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, environmental practices. SMART Center curriculum emphasizes innovative methods of education enabled by digital communication technologies to facilitate knowledge dissemination.

SMART Center

COAF’s first SMART Center is a 20-acre campus in Armenia’s northern region of Lori. Located just three minutes from the region’s new M6 highway and accessible to over 200,000 people. The Center features a 14,000 sq.ft building that operates as a dynamic “idea acquisition and exchange hub” to invigorate promising, under-supported children of Armenia. The SMART Center offers a wide range of new and proven programs, including digital libraries, robotics & IT, language trainings, arts and music, entrepreneurship, organic agriculture, economic sustainability, and may others. The SMART model is designed to be replicated throughout rural Armenia to inspire and empower a highly resourceful population and to instill pride.


SMART initiative includes the implemetation of six SMART Rooms in the Lori region. They serve as community-based facilities that provide access to COAF programs through the use of technology, and telecommunications along with proficiency in English. Additionally, two SMART Safe Rooms were established in Tavush in 2016. This is a region where civilians including children are under the constant threat of hostilities from Azerbaijan. In SMART Safe rooms we provide an area of refuge for the children and adults.